Psychological impotence is erectile dysfunction in a man, which is caused by various psychological causes and factors, while the physical health of a man is beyond doubt.

This is quite common among young people; in elderly patients, problems similar to psychological impotence are usually of an organic nature. Individual cases of inability to have sex cannot be called psychological impotence, but if this happens regularly, then you need to think about the problem and consult a doctor.

Causes of psychological impotence:

If, for some reason, psychological processes are disturbed, this will necessarily affect the physiological functions of the body. Male power is no exception.

The most common causes of psychological impotence:

  • - Anticipation of rejection syndrome: often occurs in men who were previously unable to have or complete sexual intercourse due to lack of potency; they begin to doubt their male power, which leads to fear of sexual intercourse and loss of erection;
  • - Fatigue, chronic stress, depression;
  • - Problems at work, in the family;
  • - fear of a possible pregnancy of a partner or fear of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • - Difficulties with the definition of sexual orientation;
  • - Psychological trauma in childhood or adolescence;
  • - fear of a serious relationship with a partner;
  • - sexual incompatibility of partners;
  • - Frigidity partner;
  • - strict anti-sexual education;
  • - First unsuccessful sexual experience.

Treatment of psychological impotence

As a rule, it is difficult to cope with such a disease on your own. It is necessary to seek help from a sexologist, andrologist, urologist, psychotherapist.

After examining the man and excluding all possible organic causes of impotence, the doctor will prescribe treatment, which will include:

Psychotherapy. This is the main thing to overcome the cause of the lack of erection. The doctor will prescribe recommendations for lifestyle changes.

Pharmacological treatment (drugs that increase potency). These are drugs based on sildenafiltadalafil and vardenafil. The difference between the drugs lies in the duration of action, effect and tolerability. Sildenafil has a short duration of action but is well tolerated. Tadalafil has the longest duration of action (up to 36 hours) and exists in a daily dosage.

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